Science week at Mary Immaculate is not to be missed! This year’s theme is ‘Destination Moon’ and our lucky students get to participate in a wonderful variety of activities over the week, including an activity day, watching space movies, immersing themselves in the Science Discovery Dome and attending a whole school excursion to Healesville Sanctuary! Such a busy week, filled with wonderful learning opportunities for our students!

Monday morning started with a whole school assembly to launch Science Week, led by our Specialist Leaders, Amelie and Zach, and our Science teacher Mrs Baldwin, who showed our students what it is like for astronauts doing everyday activities in zero gravity in space! Ever thought about how to sleep in space and wake up in the same place? Or how to drink a cup of coffee in space? Or how to brush your teeth in space? Come and ask Mrs Baldwin!

Next, our students were lucky enough to be wowed by two of our parents, Mary and Marc who, along with some wonderful student helpers, demonstrated a variety of exciting experiments using dry ice! Ghost bubbles anyone?!

For the remainder of the day, the students participated in a variety of hands-on rotational science activities, expertly led by our wonderful classroom teachers. As part of this, the students also experienced a wonderful session about Aboriginal Astronomy, led by Mrs Mahoney and our F.I.R.E. carriers, Alisa, Jeremy, Oscar and Louisa.

Wednesday saw the arrival of the Science Discovery Dome. Each class had an opportunity to enter the Dome, which was set up in the hall, and learn about how our planet Earth was formed, its place in the Solar System, how it rotates to create night and day and how its orbit creates our seasons. The sessions, taught by Miles in his bright orange astronaut jumpsuit, were exciting and highly educational for both our students and our teachers!

Friday sees the whole school going on an excursion to Healesville Sanctuary to learn about animals – their habitats, what they eat, how they survive and how we can help protect them and try to prevent species becoming extinct.

What an amazing week at Mary Immaculate!!!