Our School – inspiring lifelong learners, now and into the future!

Mary Immaculate, a dynamic and caring community committed to enacting our faith; inspiring, challenging and engaging lifelong learners.
(excellence, integrity, inclusiveness, respect)

Mary Immaculate Primary School (MIPS) is a fabulous small and growing school that has been serving the local community for 100 years!  We are looking forward to providing another 100 years of educational excellence.  Situated in the heart of Ivanhoe, MIPS is positioned in a leafy, quiet and safe residential area, close to the beautiful Darebin Parklands.

The benefits of our small school go far beyond high academic achievement.  MIPS presents unique opportunities for our students’ social and emotional growth, relationship building and positive learning experiences, both in and out of the classroom.  Feedback from both our parents and the staff from local secondary schools, is that our students are so well prepared for the next step in their learning journey when they leave MIPS, as they demonstrate positive learning dispositions and are happy and confident, self-regulated learners.

Research indicates that the benefits of a small school like MIPS include:

  • Students develop strong relationships with their peers and their teachers, in an environment where they are known and appreciated as a whole person, not just a classmate or student.
  • Teachers know their students really well and are able to personalise learning to meet the needs of individual students, while also encouraging all students to meet higher expectations.
  • Small schools foster increased leadership and social emotional skills through positive student engagement – students look out for each other, they help their classmates, they problem solve and work cooperatively in teams.
  • Students demonstrate that they feel more accepted and confident, and have a genuine sense of belonging.
  • Students have more opportunities to participate in activities, clubs and the arts, allowing them to experience enjoyment and develop skills in diverse situations.
  • Teachers experience higher levels of job satisfaction, leading to increased teacher retention and consequently, increased consistency for their students – students are therefore more likely to be interested, energetic, curious and excited about their learning!


Our Philosophical Statement

Mary Immaculate School is a Catholic Primary School, committed to enacting our faith as we inspire, challenge and engage lifelong learners. As a dynamic and caring community that values excellence, integrity, inclusiveness and respect, our students are at the centre of all we do. Through embedding a culture of thinking, we aim to develop the positive social, personal and learning dispositions of our students, enabling them to thrive in the contemporary world.

Our Democratic Principles

The programs and teaching at Mary Immaculate Primary School support and promote the principles and practice of Australian democracy, including a commitment to:

• elected government
• the rule of law
• equal rights for all before the law
• freedom of religion
• freedom of speech and association
• the values of openness and tolerance.