National eSmart Week

This week is National eSmart Week. Mary Immaculate is an eSmart school and we are members of the Alannah and Madeline Foundation. As a school community, we are committed to building supportive and connected social environments, both on and offline, through awareness campaigns and school-based education.

At the start of this year, who would have thought that schools would be in remote learning, and spending more time online than ever before? Our school community has done an amazing job at adapting throughout this year!

This year’s National eSmart Week theme is Connecting Safely which is very relevant in light of our current Stage 4 restrictions limiting physical contact with others. The week from September 6-12 celebrates the work all schools have done to connect safely, both throughout remote learning and when learning onsite.

Throughout National eSmart Week, students in all year levels will be participating in further cyber safety conversations in their classes, discussing how they are all responsible for making smart, safe and responsible decisions when using their Google Classrooms, the internet, social media, when they are playing computer games or console games, when they are instant messaging or when they are participating in Google Meets etc. The more learning we all do, the more conversations we all have, the better informed we become and the better decisions we can all make!

We can all help make the internet and our online worlds safer places to be!