Our School – inspiring lifelong learners, now and into the future!

Mary Immaculate, a dynamic and caring community committed to enacting our faith; inspiring, challenging and engaging lifelong learners.
(excellence, integrity, inclusiveness, respect)


Mary Immaculate Primary School is situated on Rockbeare Grove, Ivanhoe, close to the Mary Immaculate Church.  Housed within the main school building are a variety of engaging spaces that promote student learning.  These include:

  • classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards, wireless internet and network connection; and access to a wide range of Digital Technologies
  • senior learning area consisting of two classrooms and shared area including a kitchen
  • Visual Arts and Italian specialist classroom
  • a brand new Science and Technology Lab equipped with an aquaponic fish tank, iPads, digital microscope, 3D printer, Lego WeDo 2.0 robotic and coding sets, and a variety of other science and technology learning resources
  • fully resourced library and meeting rooms
  • fully equipped school hall, which hosts a range of activities such as Performing Arts, Physical Education, school assemblies, class performances, parent information evenings and community events.

    Designed by one of our student Environment and Sustainability Leaders, Jeremy, “to make people think before they litter”.


Our junior and senior students have separate outdoor play areas, both equipped with adventure playgrounds, a variety of active and passive play spaces, all surrounded by beautifully maintained gardens.  The junior and senior playgrounds are joined by an amphitheatre which provides a great meeting place for the whole school and opportunities for students of all ages to mingle and play together.

We are a ResourceSmart school, committed to educating our school community about the environment and sustainability. We have student and staff Environment and Sustainability Leaders who are supporting our school community to reduce, reuse and recycle waste, reduce energy consumption, promote biodiversity and save water. We have water tanks which collect the runoff water from the school buildings, which is then used for a variety of purposes including maintaining our Sustainability Gardens, including our class planting boxes, and flushing the student toilets.


Student Testimonials
Our Philosophical Statement

Mary Immaculate School is a Catholic Primary School, committed to enacting our faith as we inspire, challenge and engage lifelong learners. As a dynamic and caring community that values excellence, integrity, inclusiveness and respect, our students are at the centre of all we do. Through embedding a culture of thinking, we aim to develop the positive social, personal and learning dispositions of our students, enabling them to thrive in the contemporary world.